Engage & Influence.

Retail Influencer Specialists.

We understand marketing to consumers better than most. We produce content for over 4 million consumers engaged with our brands to buy retail, food and financial products every day, across multiple Social and web channels.

Redu generates over 200 million monthly engagements on Facebook alone. This equates to over 5.8 million referrals to our retail partner websites each month, delivering over £50m in sales each year.

Our unique in-house technology allows us to collect, analyse and optimise consumer data to ensure we can put the right product in front of the right person, at the right time, maximising engagement, and sales for retailers.

We deliver relevant and engaging content directly to consumers’ social feeds, and genuine incremental sales to the UK’s biggest retailers.

Audience Exposure.

We have over 2.6 million followers and subscribers across our portfolio
We generate over 200 million engagements on Facebook every month
We drive over 5.8 million clicks per month and growing
We deliver over £50million in retailer sales every year

To work with our team and get your brand in front of over 3 million people from our portfolio, please contact us at

Who we work with.

We partner with all of the top brands and retailers (Over 500+ brands). We are a top 10 affiliate partner for some of the biggest names on the high street.

Simply Be
Ted Baker
Pretty Little Thing
Foot Asylum